[urq] I'm ready to replace the bomb - because I usually havepower brakes for the first few miles.

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Thu May 21 09:33:47 PDT 2009

I would agree with Steve, get the steering working again first. Once you 
know that is OK, concentrate on the brakes

'87 WR

p.s. If you still have clean underwear, you haven't experienced the "double 
oh-$#!T" experience. You know it when it happens!.

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.. if you don't have steering assist it would point more toward the pump
.. or the rack.  Chances are that the bomb is bad too, but I'd recommend
that you figure out the steering problem before going for the brakes.

For the most part, if your hydraulic system was working properly otherwise
you wouldn't even notice a bad bomb until you had a panic stop ... then
you'd get the "double oh-$#!T" experience ... the first one happens when you
stomp on the brakes and don't have sufficient assist, and the second one is
when the pump catches up and provides assist based on how hard you are
pressing the pedal and you lock the wheels ...

Steve Buchholz

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I lost my powersteering and then the next day the power brakes but I'm just
going to focus on the brakes fom now. Perhaps these problems are not
related but concurrent. I'm checking the ATF fluid regularly, pumping on
the pedal a bunch of times before checking but never noticing any real
change in feel. I've learned that I don't seem to be loosing fluid and I
often have powerbrakes for a while after restarting. Yesterday I finally
got my hands on the lower woody filter for the resevour and change that out
and today i went pretty far before loosing the power assist. I did possibly
overfill the reservoir though, its a bit over the line now.

I've owned the car for 5 years, but have no idea on the age of the existing
accumlator. I saw one place selling a Leomford one for $80.

ETKA shows a round seal under the accumulator - you guys buy that seal also?

83 urq build in 1982. So does the 'have power brakes after startup' point
to the bomb at all?


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