[urq] Driveline whine......

Jim Fleischer jim at almgt.com
Mon Nov 2 13:21:42 PST 2009

Hey guys,

So, I've got the alternator mounted back in place, and with consistent voltage, my car seems to be starting and running well.  Interestingly, my battery had run down to the point of needing a jump start while the alternator was just hanging with a loose belt, and while the jump pack was attached to the battery, the car would idle fine, however, when I detached it, it would stumble and want to die.  It occured to me that the running issues I had earlier this summer could have been attributed to inconsistent voltage coming from the alternator due to a loose belt.  Any thoughts?

On a different note.......took her out for a somewhat spirited drive yesterday and I seem to be getting a fair amount of driveline noise, coming from the front right mostly, but could be both sides or under the car.  More noticable from inside the car than outside (had someone drive by me.)  Sounds are dependent on vehicle speed, not engine speed.  Happening in all gears, and changes pitch with speed.  Seems to be numerous "jet aircraft taking off" sounds.  Fairly inconsistent, but "always there" if you know what I mean.  The brakes don't seem to be dragging (no excessive heat buildup) and no cv boot leaks.  Before I dive underneath, any thoughts on where to look?

I seem to remember now that someone mentioned maybe something with the driveshaft, but can't find the post.  Any help?  Anyting in particular to look for if it could be the driveshaft?


Best regards,

Jim Fleischer
'83 ur
'95 s6 avant

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