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Mon Nov 2 17:18:15 PST 2009

The difference between the headlights and the running lights is that
headlights are powered by a circuit that is switched by the ignition switch,
the other lights are powered directly from the battery.

There is a red wire that goes from terminal D3 on the fusebox to the "30"
terminal on the light switch.  I'm pretty confident that tracking down this
line will solve your problem.  If you have installed higher wattage bulbs in
the running light sockets you may have overloaded the circuit ... the red
wire is only shown as 16gauge.  Now that I'm thinking I realize that I've
gone to the rear light panel that has two dual filament bulbs for tail and
brake lights ... so that nominal 10 watts is 20 watts on my car.  It is
probably easiest to get to that "30" terminal on the light switch ... check
it to see if there is 12 volts ... doesn't matter if the key is on or not.
If there is no 12V then pull the fuse box and check there.  

Given how the wiring fans out from the switch and the numerous ground
points, a complete failure of all the running lights has to be caused by
that red wire.  In fact, if the red wire is faulty for some reason it will
affect all the instrument cluster/gauge lights controlled by the dimmer ...
so your loss of the dash illumination confirms this hypothesis.

Be advised that there is no fuse in the fuse box for this red wire, so if
you accidentally ground it somehow it will become the fuse and release
smoke.  If for some reason the D3 terminal on the fusebox has been damaged
or overheated, the wiring diagram shows that pin D9 is connected to the same
point, and does not appear to be wired to anything else ... you could
install a new connector on the red wire and connect it to D9 instead of D3.
In fact you could put two connectors on the line and connect one to D3 and
the other to D9 and double the capacity of the circuit.  I suppose the best
solution would be to install a spade lug and add a fuse to the red line and
bypass the guts of the fuse box and connect the spade lug to one of the "H"
terminals on the fuse box (i.e. a direct connection to the battery).  

Steve Buchholz

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I sure this is one for the record books on topics covered! Headlights  
work but parking lights (front and tail) do not. Along with dash and  
gauges lights.
I pulled the main light switch and swapped it out for a spare one. No  
go. I also swapped out the rotating dimmer switch and nothing burns.  
Fuses checked out okay.
I have to be missing something. Any ideas? Ground?

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