[urq] Snow/All Season tires for 15"x6" original wheels - Suggestions?

Jim Fleischer jim at almgt.com
Mon Nov 2 14:46:55 PST 2009

Hey all,

I've got some very marginal rubber on my 15"x8" Ronal's, and I've got a extra set of 15"x6" original wheels.  I now live in Colorado (think high alpine desert on the Western Slope), and the ur will see some limited action during the winter as a second vehicle.  I was thinking of putting an all season tire on the 6" rims to get me through the winter until I can afford a proper set of summers for the Ronals next year.  I figure something that will get me some traction in the snow should I get stuck somewhere, however snow is not the primary concern.  Any suggestions?  Price is definitely a factor.  Also, what is the stock tire size for the 15"x6" rim?  205/60/15?

If anyone has some tires they are looking at getting rid of, I'm open to suggestion......


Best regards,

Jim Fleischer  (Back in Colorado)
'83 ur
'95 ur s6 avant

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