[urq] parking lights not working

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Tue Nov 3 03:07:55 PST 2009

Hello Jim:

I feel you pain. Exactly the same thing happened to me. 

Of course, it was late at night, after going to the movies.  Grr..

Problem turned out to be a bad pin in the connector on the back of the under
dash fusebox. That connector feeds the power to the headlight switch, which
then goes to the fuses. (separate feed to the switch for parkign and dash
lights than used for the actual headlights)

I sort of refurbished the pin in the connector, but that only lasted a few
weeks. Final cure was to remove that wire from th connector, and get power
feed from a spare 1/4" spade terminal on the back of the fusebox instead.


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> I sure this is one for the record books on topics covered! Headlights  
> work but parking lights (front and tail) do not. Along with dash and  
> gauges lights.
> I pulled the main light switch and swapped it out for a spare one. No  
> go. I also swapped out the rotating dimmer switch and nothing burns.  
> Fuses checked out okay.
> I have to be missing something. Any ideas? Ground?
> Thanks!
> Jim
> '83 Urq
> p.s. check out
> http://www.insideline.com/audi/s1/1984/driving-the-1984-audi-sport- 
> quattro-s1-wrc-replica-by-mtm.html
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