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Ed Torres bike-doctor at hotmail.com
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If you are getting a heater valve replacement.  make sure it is a West German or German made and stamp on it to prove it.

I replace my twice this summer, the first one did not have 10 miles on it, when it leaked, so I snug a bit more on the clamp...and more fluid come out....I will post a picture tonigh of the bad "china made"....I think China b/c there were no marks any where, or any signs Made in ????  You got to see this to belive how bad is the plastic.


I was lucky, the guys in Neckaslum at the audi Forum had one for the ur-quattro in his desk when I told him my problem.


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> Date: Tue, 3 Nov 2009 22:23:47 -0800
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> IME it is going to depend on whether your car has A/C or not ... no A/C it
> is a pretty simple job. My car has A/C, I may have gone overboard, but I
> ended up removing the console ... which involved removing the heater blower
> .... which comes out from under the hood. Be sure to replace the heater
> hoses now ... I had one of the hoses go while the heater core was intact ...
> rather than dig inside the car and under the hood I spliced the hose with a
> fitting from a "flush 'n' fill" kit ... which worked and served another
> purpose I suppose. I just think that if you will be changing the heater
> core, the related components might well be considered as well ... have you
> replaced the heater valve lately? The one other thing I've started doing is
> replacing that little stub of a hose that goes from the thermostat housing
> to the metal line that runs along the block and back to the heater ... 
> Steve Buchholz
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> From: Louis-Alain Richard
> Can't say for sure, but I think the heater core is on its way out. I had a
> very small puff of steam on the passenger side, but no smell in the cabin.
> Anyway, time to replace it since it's still nice outside, and this is the
> last bit of the cooling system to replace. I'd rather do it now than just
> before the first ice lapping day in January.
> I bought a heater core from my usual place. 90$CDN is expensive, but when I
> said that I saw some 14$ heater core from a VW website, they answered "well,
> this unit is made by Behr, the OEM on your Audi, and it is not a cheap
> Chinese copy". "OK" I said, since the first one lasted 27 years, I can spend
> 90$ to get another quarter century of leakproof heating. But when I did open
> the box here at home, that beautiful Behr heater core (plastic end tanks and
> aluminum core) is stamped "Made in China". Oh well. 
> Is the one on the car made of brass or is it like the replacement unit ?
> And how big is this job ? Is it a 2-beer job or more like a weekend project,
> with skinned knuckles, mostly damped carpet and back ache for the next week
> ?
> Thanks in advance,
> Louis-Alain
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