[urq] Vacuum & Boost lay out to the CPR

Ben Swann benswann at verizon.net
Wed Nov 18 20:05:32 PST 2009


1) Does any one know how the lines for Vac/Boost is connected?
*** Yes - but I'd have to dig out my old notes - pulled the WX now running Frankenmotor
with Megasquirt.  I fyou have the original diagram on the hood - that is correct!

2) Does the 12 voltage ever goes off on the CPR once it warms up?
*** No - probably ought to though, but as far as I can tell in the diagram, this is
always hot.
>From intake manifold ---to the Thermo vacuum valve to a "Y"  one to the Boot chamber
and other the the Vacuum chamber.
*** I think that is correct - sounds weird, but it works per design as one chamber
applies more force than the other, so it  enriches/enlean base on boost/vacuum.  I
played with this and some tricks can be made for additonal enrich at WOT, but best to
leave per factory layout unless you really want to do trial and error testing.

Is't a one way valve in between some place?  
*** you would think, but as I recall this is done by the thermo-time switch and as above
the differential pressures applied in each chamber do the trick.  I believe I understand
you are confused on this - it did not make sense to me at first either.

I look in our archive but no luck

Somewhere online there were the two manual for servicing this beast.  If no one chimes
in on where they are now, I can send you electronic copy.  I should post this on my site

Ben ( www.gtquattro.com )

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