[urq] parking lights not working

Jim Miller jmiller at quantumcom.com
Mon Nov 23 07:51:32 PST 2009

Thanks! Fixed!
Just wanted to get back and thank everyone about the parking light  
demon. The issue turned out to be melted plastic on the red wire  
spade on the "30" terminal that goes to terminal D3 on the fusebox.  
It was not making a proper connection to the switch blade terminal. I  
had a spare light switch connector and I re-worked all the wires into  
it. Long process but had the right pin tool! And Steve Buchholz did  
note "given how the wiring fans out from the switch and the numerous  
ground points, a complete failure of all the running lights has to be  
caused by that red wire. In fact, if the red wire is faulty for some  
reason it will affect all the instrument cluster/gauge lights  
controlled by the dimmer ... so your loss of the dash illumination  
confirms this hypothesis.
I might try a few of the other suggestions of to remove the wire from  
the fusebox connector, and get power feed from a spare 1/4" spade  
terminal on the back of the fusebox instead.
Lights are much brighter, I might add!
Now, go figure, my turn signals are not working. Flasher is good.  
Hazards work on drivers side only. Could be a ground?


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