[urq] Hazards - half working

Steve k1drbar at hawaii.com
Mon Nov 23 10:19:01 PST 2009

... I was just looking at the wiring diagram for the other similar problem ... 

The symptoms you describe are most likely due to the hazard switch, but I suppose the wire from the hazard switch to the turn signal switch could be it too.  I'd try turning the hazard switch on and off multiple times to try to clean the contacts, or you can hit the switch guts with your preferred contact enhancer.  

If the signals work fine then you have eliminated grounding as a possibility.  By definition there is only one ground ... 

Steve Buchholz

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> Guys- Blinkers (f&r) on both sides of the car work fine - but the
> hazards are funky. Driver-side works fine front and rear. The rear
> passenger side blinks very faintly. Nothing from the front passenger
> side. I don't know why this would matter - but JIC I do have the dual
> tail light holders - and I did run that extra ground wire.... Different
> grounds for hazard vs blinkers??? Any thoughts? Brandon '84 ur
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