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Mon Nov 30 10:07:06 PST 2009

Thanks for taking the time to close the loop!  It seems more people are
doing this lately and it is a good thing for the archives ... especially
since you indicated the precise point of failure you found.

I'd heartily second Ingo's recommendation; do it soon, it really isn't
difficult.  I had talked about doing this on my car for the longest time,
finally checked it off the list when my daughter told me that the taillights
were dim after she and my wife were following me one day.  If you have the
updated bulb plates with the dual, dual filament lights for parking and
brake lights the stock ground wires aren't up to the task.  

I used one of the attaching screws for the taillight itself to provide the
grounding point.  Since the body is painted you will want to scrape away a
little paint under the point you will be using, and be sure to use a star
washer to dig into the metal.  If you are really anal and live in an area
where roads are salted in the winter you might want to apply some dielectric
grease to the bare spot on the body to prevent corrosion.

Steve Buchholz

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Thanks! Again! Fixed!
Just wanted to get back and thank everyone about the parking light  
demon part two: the turn signals. This issue turned out to be  
improper connection to the hazard switch blade terminals due to  
corrosion. I pulled the switch out and cleaned up the terminals with  
the Dremel, then snapped it back in. Turn signals are working and  
brighter than before! I will also try Ingo's suggestion to run a  
separate ground to the tail lights by using the male tab on each bulb  
housing to assist with proper grounding. Much appreciated!

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