[urq] Alternator bolt....not belt, bolt...

Jim Fleischer jim at almgt.com
Wed Oct 7 17:08:49 PDT 2009

Hey guys......

Haven't driven the ur much lately, but started her up today and discovered a "new" noise.  Seemed to be coming from the alternator area, and sure enough I am missing the pivot bolt for the alternator.  Anyone happen to know what the size of this bolt is?  It'll save me lots of trial and error in a dirty parking lot at the local FLAPS.  Thanks!  Also, how the heck do you get a wrench in there?

On another note, would a slipping alternator belt cause some noticable power loss/bucking at full throttle?  Curious to see if fixing this may help in that regard.....

Best regards,

Jim Fleischer
'83 ur
'95 s6 avant

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