[urq] Alternator bolt....not belt, bolt...

Louis-Alain Richard larichard at plguide.com
Thu Oct 8 08:51:57 PDT 2009

Yes there is indeed a nut with an integrated washer. 

No the bolt don't thread into the bracket, but corrosion will render it
difficult to move. If you can, remove the aluminum bracket from the engine ,
and bench test everything first. Clean the holes because you don't want the
bolt to be difficult to slip. There is absolutely no space up there, it is
very difficult to slip the blot in place, from the rear, and trying to align
the alternator correctly so the bolt will pass through.

More, you need a self-stopping nut, (maybe that's why you lost yours) and
when time comes to tighten it, it takes forever because you can only turn it
1/8 turn at the time, from under the valance. Maybe if you use some ratchet
wrenches, it would be easier, but even then, I'm not sure.

Good luck !


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Hi Louis-Alain,

Thank you for the info....yeah it is the top pivot bolt, and does seem to be

a PITA to get to.  Question.....does the bolt thread into the casing, or is 
there a nut and washer at the end?  Looks to me like a nut and washer, but 
can't be sure from the image.

Thanks again.....

Best regards,

Jim Fleischer

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Hi Jim,

If it's the bottom bolt, the one at the steel fork visible from underneath,
it's a M8x80 round-head bolt with a square section under the round head that
engage into the bracket slot to prevent unwanted rotation.

If it's the real pivot bolt, the one at the top of the alternator that goes
through an aluminum bracket, then it's a regular M8x100, (100 being 100 mm
of bolt shaft length).

How can they disappear ? I don't know, since installing one is a very
difficult job, even with the valance removed. I'll try to send you a PDF of
the ETKA page in a private mail.


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Hey guys......

Haven't driven the ur much lately, but started her up today and discovered a
"new" noise.  Seemed to be coming from the alternator area, and sure enough
I am missing the pivot bolt for the alternator.  Anyone happen to know what
the size of this bolt is?  It'll save me lots of trial and error in a dirty
parking lot at the local FLAPS.  Thanks!  Also, how the heck do you get a
wrench in there?

On another note, would a slipping alternator belt cause some noticable power
loss/bucking at full throttle?  Curious to see if fixing this may help in
that regard.....

Best regards,

Jim Fleischer
'83 ur
'95 s6 avant

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