[urq] I was spotted

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Wed Oct 21 09:11:45 PDT 2009

Yeah - got to have it all.

I recently put my, ahem, test pipe back in. Conducting a 5 yr test ;-)
Combine that with the nice cool fall temps and the car really feels alive
again.  It was feeling somewhat slow with warmer temps and that cork of a

I'd like to think I can be happy with 23 psi through the RS2 turbo...but as
I once learned from another lister (Dennis G) "too much power is almost
enough".  Of course I say that having a very mild 20V compared to many
others out there....but hey talk about reliable. 6yrs and 30,000 miles so

Enjoy the car - I know you will.  It totally transforms the car in so many
good ways.


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The guy that flagged me down did know what it was.
He said "Is that a real ur-quattro? You never see those driving around."

My car is pretty much there for this season.  I am just driving it. I'll
have a bunch of winter projects.

I would like to get all the power.  I am only getting about 20psi. I've
fixed a lot of boost leaks and fiddled with the fuel pressure, but its not
quite there. It is pretty much driving like a typical chipped 3B.  Its nice,
but I want it all.



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> Well we love your car mike ;-)
> It's a mixed bag these day - I seem to get comments/compliments/thumbs 
> up fairly often - but we are in serious quattro country here in CO - 
> so maybe there is higher awareness???  Plus I've been driving it a lot 
> in this nice cool weather.....
> I've gotten the "nice Scirocco" - but more often I think people have 
> seen CGTs and can't tell the difference.  I can't tell you how many 
> times I've heard "my buddy had one" or "my friend had one high school" 
> - I'm convinced 90% of those are CGTs.  But whatever.
> What else need to be done - or is it pretty much there (for now)?
> Brandon
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> Some guy flagged me down on the road yesterday in Burlington MA, just 
> to comment on the car. He wasn't even an Audi guy, but he knew what 
> the car was.  He said his friend used to own a red one. Odd.  It is 
> usually the opposite.  People will say something like nice Sirocco.
> I entered the car in an auto show in Orange MA, 2 weekends ago.  There 
> were 400 cars entered. My class was titled "Imports".  There were only 
> 7 in my class.  I didn't place.
> 3rd - replica of a Porsche 550 Spyder  (was for sale and he spelled 
> Porsche wrong on the sign.) 2nd - VW microbus  (this was nice)
> 1st - '33 Austin   (neat, but not very clean)
> Hardly anyone even looked at my car.  The 2 guys at the whole place 
> that knew what it was were willing to talk all day, but otherwise 
> everyone just looked past to the red "Porsch".
> Mike
> www.urq20v.com
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