[urq] Advice on what to do with an old, non-running Ur Quattro

Kamal M. Malek kamalmalek at comcast.net
Sun Sep 13 11:19:25 PDT 2009

I have a 1982 European Quattro Turbo Coupe that was bought new by my  
father. The car has been sitting for several (over ten) years now, and  
has not turned a wheel or been started during that period.  
Furthermore, it's been sitting outside (New England), so the body and  
interior are in pretty poor shape now.
I've kept the car in the hope of one day restoring it, but that hope  
is looking increasingly remote at this point. My options are to scrap  
it, or try to sell it to someone who might be able to use for parts (I  
imagine restoring it, given its rough condition, would not make  
economic sense.)
Any advice / opinion would be greatly appreciated.


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