[urq] FS: 1983 Audi UrQuattro

MswmSwmsW mswmswmsw at gmail.com
Thu Nov 3 02:10:55 PDT 2016

Hey all,

So I'm finally going to sell the thing. This is the actual for sale post.
The car needs a lot of work. Cosmetically, it is relatively straight, and
only has a couple minor spots of surface rust, doesn't look like anything
too major. The interior is pretty rough, and could use new upholstery or
strip it down for a track car.

Mechanically, it will also need a lot of work. The car has not driven in
several years, and it is probably best purchased by someone with good
mechanical skills or access to a good shop. It would be ideal as a track

1983 UrQuattro - early model
188k miles
mars red/tan leather
MC engine conversion done by 2 Bennett in 1998, first one they did in an UrQ
the fuse box was replaced at this time with the same style unit.
Coilovers w/ 375/325 progressive springs
koni yellow shocks
911 Carrera 2 brembo front brake callipers
034efi Stage 2c management - the one with individual coil packs per cyinder
034efi 3" downpipe - this will need slight modification as the v band clamp
between the header and downpipe sometimes interferes with the tie rod. Move
it down a few inches and you're fine
034efi tubular header
Garrett GT28r dual ball bearing turbo
these mods from 034efi probably only have about 2k miles on them before I
had to park the car. You should be able to adapt the system to a 20v
engine, no problem, if that is in your mind.
It has a tilton dual master cylinder setup, but after running with that for
a few years, i think going back to a 4k based vacuum system will be better
for most situations.

Right now the car is located in the east side of the san francisco bay
area. I am looking for all of the service records, but haven't seen them
for a few house moves, so I'm not completely optimistic that i'll find
them. Additionally, the car is currently certified non-op in CA, and is
registered in my name. I do not have a copy of the title anymore, but there
is a form that the CA dmv offers in lieu of that title. When notarized, it
performs the function of the title. So you have no worries regarding legal
transfer of ownership.

Notes on the car. I truly love this car, and am very sad with its current
situation. I kept hoping that I'd have the resources to build it back up
into the best it used to be, but that never happened, and i don't think it
ever will. I'm hoping that someone on this list can give it a good home and
bring it back to life.

Here is the link with pictures: https://goo.gl/photos/fsYJ3TFzwoYRsLLA9

As you can see, it is pretty rough. The rear left corner has some damage
from when it was hit and run in 1998, but my improvised repair held up
pretty well. It should be able to be easily repaired in a professional
manner by a body shop if you choose to do that, or get it repainted. Other
than that, I don't think there are any major dents on the car, just the
minor dings and chips you'd expect in a 35 year old vehicle.

The work at 034efi cost me about 11k to do. It never quite ran right after
that. As I noted above, there is the issue with the interference from the
tie rod. Beyond that, I remember there were other tuning and refinement
issues, but I was never able to resolve them before parking the car.

I'm asking $8500 for the car.

Please drop me a line if you are interested.

thank you


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