[V6-12v] Auto Slushy Box

Eric Ragot eragot at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 8 01:49:08 EST 2003

'94 90S slush box
on Friday morning, it was cold in NYC. I was driving to airport and
hmmm, why am I revving so high, I'm not stepping on it. It then starts
slipping an awful lot. I pull over, check fluid - looks low, then add
more and spill everywhere - cough cough. Drive to airport with car

Add rest of fluid at airport - about 1/2 quart. Drove it around airport
parking lot - seemed ok.

Got back tonight - hola cold and snow (I was in Fla). Drove car, started
slipping as I tried ot accelerate to highway speed. But if I kept it a
slow acceleration, I could cruise at 55. Then I tried 3rd gear instead
od D and it was fine. Drove home in 3rd w/o hassles.

OK, the car has 183k on it and I know the box isn't the greatest. I am
assuming I need a rebuilt or junk tranny now.

I would like your opinions. Here are my facts:
This car has 20k on it since I got it last August. Its run excellently
apart from two CELs. One persists, but I'm in no hurry to fix it as I
decided to go from being an attorney to HS teacher and I'm not getting
The timing belt/wasser pump were replaced when I got it.
Front end was recently replaced (stabalizer links, tie rod ends, etc...)

Car runs and rides wonderfully (apart from a slight pull to right
remedied then beaten back in by NYC roads)
Everything works electrically.
No start problems ever.
Perfect body for NYC street parking (old paint, a couple of dings).

Your opinion - tranny - is it shot?
junk or rebuilt?
junk the car and get a quatto w/ 5 speed? remember, its NYC and the
traffic makes having an auto much nicer.


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