[V6-12v] Door Locks

Michael Friesen michael.friesen at rogers.com
Tue Dec 9 16:20:31 EST 2003

Well I did the voltage test just now.  Got some odd readings:

Engine off at the battery:  	16.48v
Engine on at the lighter:	17.7v

Seems a little high to me.  Anyone got any idea why it's so high?  And the


94 90S

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Check your battery voltage between the battery's poles with the car
off, and at the cigarette lighter with the car running.

=-= Marc

On Monday, December 8, 2003, at 07:30  AM, Michael Friesen wrote:

> Hey Marc,
> I ended up disconnecting the battery for 35 minutes yesterday, but
> nothing
> changed.  I'm going to take the car in and see if it can't be reset
> with the
> vag tool.
> Thanks for the help.
> Mike

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