[V6-12v] cam position sensor follow up.

Clive Young cyoung1661 at rogers.com
Thu Nov 20 04:07:49 EST 2003

I have received my new CAM position sensor and installed it and can confirm some findings.

1.    The CAm sensor will create a no start condition but did in fact run when I disconnected it once the car was running. If the sensor is flakey when you go to start it you aint goin anywhere, but if you get it to fire even once you are on your way. This is why a flakey sensor causes an intermittent no start sconditon only and not a stalling once you are going condition. ( well a performance issue to but that is for another day ) 
2. While using the breakout box and a scope between ground and sensor I get a 14ms negative pulse while at idle 
3.    I disconnected the ignition module ( the black connector on the firewall above the 6 or so connectors ) and cranked it over, the scope immediately went low,a multimeter would show the same thing. With my old sensor it stayed at 6 volts or so.

So I have cleared the codes , installed my "new" sensor, and here is hoping I have resolved this particular gremlin....am I allowed to use that word ? 

PS I have some crude digital pictures of my scope output if anyone is interested, just email me . 

Clive Young 
95 90S FWD 5SPD

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