[V6-12v] B4 quattro Fuel Filter replacement and glad to be back!

Tim Crift timofej.crift at att.net
Thu Nov 20 05:24:59 EST 2003

For those of you who have peered underneath your B4 quattros and wondered
how to get the fuel filter out to replace it, I have good news.  Its not as
bad as it looks. It is time consuming but not that difficult.  Here is what
I did.

1. Remove the passenger side wheel housing liner to provide access to the
fuel tank mount bolt. Remove bolt on upper left side of wheelhousing. It can
be identified by the ground strap it holds in place. (This may not be
necessary. You may want to skip this and see if you get enough clearance.)
2. There are 3 straps that support the right hand side of the fuel tank.
Unbolt these from the body by removing the 13MM bolts (6).  No need to
remove the straps from the tank.  You should be able to pull the front of
the tank down far enough to gain access to the filter carrier.
3. At this point you can see the 6MM allen bolt on the filter strap holding
the filter in.  It is probably rusted.  Use some penetrating oil on it and
remove it.  I had a 5MM allen key that is shortened so it could fit in
easily to get at the bolt.  It took a while but it came out.  (per Huw's
advice, replace with stainless steel)
4. Get a catch pan and place under the filter.  Remove the inlet banjo bolt
at the bottom of the filter. This will free the filter allowing you to pull
it out of the carrier, since the outlet runs down (tucked in the filter
carrier) to the front of the car.  You have enough play to get at the top
banjo fitting.
5. Remove the top banjo fitting and pull out the filter.
6. Installation is the reverse of removal.  Just make sure that the outlet
hose is nestled and not pinched in the carrier when you remount the filter.



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