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> 2 questions - where is this connector ? ( I wish to disconnect when I am 
> testing my new sensor with the scope as I do not want the car to start with my 
> scope connected ). Any reason why Bently asks to do this ..about checking 
> memmory?

No idea why they specify you do this, but the connector is the brown 4-way on 
the baulkhead firewall just above and to the right of the row of 6 connectors 
on the back left of the engine. The brown 4-way is the signal wires from the 
ECU, the 3-way connector opposite is the primary ignition coil connectors.

The reason that I specified Audi tools for some of the diagnosis procedures I 
listed is simply that I only have access to the Audi workshop manuals. Since 
they are written for Audi workshops and not home mechanics, they assume that 
you have the genunine VW test leads and diagnostic equipment and so only give 
procedures in those terms. You're quite right that you can interpret and rig 
some things to test, given that you know the specs. However, some procedures 
probably do require the VW test leads unless you have access to information that 
interprets the original VW specs into everyday terms. For instance when 
testing continuity between the ECU and a particular sensor, you would need to know 
which terminal on the ECU (out of about 50 per connector) you are supposed to 
be testing continuity to/ from.

The Audi manual, on the other hand, assumes that you have all their special 
gear and merely states something like 'to test lambda continuity to +ve, attach 
test lead VW 7502 to test box VW 3465 and connect to ECU with VW special tool 
VW 8976. Connect pin 74 on the test box to pin 1,008,877,987 of diagnostic 
tester VW 6. If LED 78976 lights intermittently for under 2 nanoseconds, then 
attach special tool VW 73509 between your left nostril and the secondary plenum 
chamber underneath activated charcoal shutoff valve N-175. If the engine now 
starts, see a doctor. If it does not start, consider taking dietary supplement 
VW 47869 for a period of three months and abstain from sex and knockwurst.

You see my problem.

The Haynes manuals are good for this type of thing for the home mechanic, but 
as you probably know, they don't do one for this engine and the UK models 
don't neccessarily match with the Bentley info, so I bought the Audi one's direct 
from Erwin. Just be aware that although the info you get from me should be 
accurate as it's 'from the horses mouth' as it were, some procedures will be in 
Audi language, not independent mechanic language.

So, how is everyone? First I've heard from the list in a while...

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