[V6-12v] Oil drain plugs

apowell at colocougs.org apowell at gocougs.wsu.edu
Sun Aug 1 20:50:17 EDT 2004

About the oil drain plug...

>The specified torque for the drain plug is 40 Nm (30 ft lb). It's
>definitely beyond snug to me.

What IS it about oil drain plugs that seems to compel people to tighten them
so hard?? This is a lot more than should be necessary to tighten a copper
washer. And it seems like anyone who changes oil tries to apply 100 lbs/ft
to the drain plug when re-installing.

All this part has to do is prevent leaks - and it's not holding against any
pressure, just a gallon of oil sitting there.  I've never been able to
figure out why this causes so many problems..

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