[V6-12v] Squeakiness

Nathan White natwhite at mnsi.net
Thu Aug 5 02:14:05 EDT 2004

I have the same issues. Silicone spray lube seems to keep the squeaks at
bay, at least for a week. Spray all rubber mounts in the back, there are
quite a few!

Let me know what you find.

Nathan White

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Ever since I've owned my '95 90Q (about 5 years now) I've experienced a
squeak from the rear suspension area.  When the problem first began to
occur, it would only happen when the outside temperature was hovering
0-5 Celsius.  At first I believed the problem to be squeaky springs and
shocks but I've since replaced them with Koni Adjustables and H&R
which offered no improvement.  


Lately the problem has gotten worse.  Now the squeaking is heard
at any temperature and it's quite noticeable, even from 50 feet away!
I had my car in the shop for a full timing belt service and I had
the problem to my mechanic.  He offered to spray the rear ligaments with
some penetrating oil.  Today I picked up the car and was pleasantly
surprised to find the squeak was gone.  Well, I just went out after
the car parked for a couple of hours and low and behold the squeak is
again at the EXACT same intensity!  Before I go insane, could someone
recommend what can be done as a long term fix?  I did pick up a can of
Lithium Grease a couple of days ago with the thought of giving it to my
mechanic but decided not to after he said he had his own penetrating
though I'm not sure of the brand.  Is the Lithium Grease ok to use on
suspension bits?  What could/should I replace so I can maintain my

Thanks in advance!



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