[V6-12v] Very Mysterious Oil Leak **UPDATE**

T. Jackson Mancubus99 at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 8 12:48:48 EDT 2004

Hi guys, thanks to all of your suggestions regarding this.  Yesterday with
the instructions on the 12v.org site I R&R'd my valley pan gasket.  The
procedure wasn't difficult and really didn't take as long as I thought it
would.  In fact it took longer for me to clean all my intake parts while I
had it removed than to complete the entire removal and replacement.

The bad news is that after I replaced the gasket and put everything back
together, I went for a short drive (about 15km) and parked the car for about
45 minutes.  When I came back out there was an oil spot underneath the car
about the same size as would occur before the valley pan gasket replacement.
Needless to say I was heartbroken.   Although it didn't solve my leakage
problem the procedure wasn't a total waste as the valley pan was definitely
leaking and I fixed an erratic performance issue in the process (more on
that in another post).

Anyhow, does anyone have any ideas as to where I should look now? I'm
beginning to think that the leak may actually be coming from the front of
the oil pan or somewhere in that area since oil only seems to 'pour' out
when the car is facing downhill and not at all when it's facing up hill.
Besides the oil pan is there somewhere else I should be looking in the front
area?  Also, is there a dye that can be added to the oil to detect leaks
(like they have for AC systems)?  I will need the car for a major road trip
in a couple of weeks and I would feel a lot better if I can get this problem
resolved before then.

Sorry for the length!

On Monday, July 5, 2004, at 12:49  PM, Mancubus wrote:

>   Hi All.  I fixed my CEL problem which turned out to be a loose wire 
> on the
> passenger side O2 sensor.  Thanks to those of you who pointed me in the
> right direction.
> Now for my next problem:
> I am experiencing a very strange oil leak.   When the car is parked on 
> a
> slight slope with the nose pointing downward, I come back to my car 
> and find
> a puddle of oil.  I.E. a grape fruit sized spot is obtainable in just 
> a 1
> hr. period.  If I park the car with the nose facing uphill there is no 
> oil
> leak whatsoever.  I can leave the car parked for days and not 
> experience a
> single drop.  If I turn the car around it will start dripping 
> immediately.
> I've tried to take a look to see where the oil could be coming from 
> but I
> don't see any obvious signs.  From under the car, the leak appears to 
> run
> off the front of the transmission. There are some dark spots on the 
> engine
> block but they appear to be oil mixed with dirt and not the fresh 
> stuff I'm
> seeing on the ground.  I've checked the engine oil level and the leak 
> does
> in fact affect it.
> I'm calling on the collective wisdom of this group to help me figure 
> out
> this mystery.  Does anyone have any ideas as to what would cause this?
> Where I should start looking?
> TIA!
> Trevor
> '95 Audi 90 Quattro Sport
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