[V6-12v] Erratic performance issues resolved

T. Jackson Mancubus99 at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 8 13:06:59 EDT 2004

  Hi all, as I alluded to in my Oil Leak update post, I believe I have
finally found the answer to my performance problems.  

For the past year or so I had been experiencing performance inconsistencies.
The problem would appear as though the car was not getting enough air or
fuel, and I would have to really get heavy on the accelerator to get the car
to accelerate at times.  This problem was present more than it was absent
and the times that it did go away the car felt as though a supercharger had
been added in comparison.  Despite my attempts to narrow the problems down
(i.e. type of gas, time of day, temperature etc.) I was unable to come to a
conclusion.  I also performed maintenance on the usual suspects, i.e.
cleaned MAF sensor, new air filter, new O2 sensors, new spark plugs etc.
with no improvement. 

Well, yesterday after taking out my intake manifold I believe I finally
found the problem!  After removing my throttle body for cleaning I played
with the throttle switch and notices that my primary butterfly would only
open to approximately 15-20 degrees instead of 90 degrees at WOT.  The
assembly was severely gummed up with grit and grime from over the years.
After using about half a can of brake cleaner my throttle body looked as
good as new and the primary butterfly now opened as it should.  It appears
that my butterfly was sticking therefore not allowing enough air into the
engine thus hampering performance except for the rare times when it would

After bolting everything back together and going for a drive I could
immediately notice the difference.  Torque is much stronger and acceleration
is much smoother and more powerful.  If anyone else is experiencing the same
problems I strongly suggest you take a look at your throttle body.  Although
mine was relatively easy to remove from the IM since it was already out of
the car it shouldn't be too hard to remove it while it is still in the car.

Hope this helps!

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