[V6-12v] bulb warning light

Joe - Audi audi at olderie.com
Fri Aug 13 16:28:10 EDT 2004

First off, I have a '94 100 S.

Since the weather has gotten warm, I have been getting the bulb failure
warning light
from my autocheck system at random intervals.  I've replaced *all*
external bulbs in one sitting and am still getting the alarm, and the only
commonality I can identify is that the car is hot inside (and out).  (I'm
in Dallas, so it gets a *bit* hot here in the summer :-)  I've seen some
posts on the net on how to disable the autocheck for the bulbs but, not
wanting to do this, hoped that someone else had finally come across a real
solution to this.  (None of the threads I have seen on various sites ever
have a solution, even though there appeared to be a handful of people with
the same issue...)

Also, I'm getting ready to pull my instrument cluster this weekend for
full bulb replacement (I have about 4-5 burned out) and will also fix the
temperature gauge light.  I wondered while I have it apart if there is
something back there that I can look at that may solve the bulb alarm
problem?  (The 12v.org site has a procedure for checking and fixing bad
solder joints that looks promising.)

Anyone BTDT and can save me from going *insane* by the random and
incessant beeping from my dash???

TIA  -Joe

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