[V6-12v] Razzin-frazzin' oil leak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Other possible places you might be leaking:
- between the oil pan and the oil cooler
- oil pan gasket

Not necessarily in that order, I guess, but it's other places to look.

On Tue, 17 Aug 2004, apowell at colocougs.org wrote:

> Well, the other poster (mancubus99) who is trying to combat a V6 oil leak is
> not alone.
> My wife's 1993 90Q is *still* leaking oil badly - enough to leave a
> fist-sized spot in 10 minutes after it runs for a while. It seems to leak
> oil faster when it is being driven than when it's idling. I therefore
> believe the oil leak(s) involve a pressurized oil passage. What makes it
> frustrating is that I just spent two weeks working on the motor to stop the
> leaks with no success.
> I've just replaced:
> Timing belt & idlers
> Serpentine ("ribbed") belt & tensioner
> Valve cover gaskets
> Intake manifold gaskets (removed manifold to reach valley pan)
> EGR gasket
> Valley pan gasket
> And after reading the debate on the currently recommended 1/4 turn to the
> head bolts after removing the intake manifold, I elected not to torque the
> head bolts down further.
> I gave special attention to sealing the valley pan gasket and used a film of
> silicone form-a-gasket on it to make double sure it didn't leak. I put
> everything back together, went over the underside of the motor thoroughly
> with engine cleaner, and after driving it, I realize that it's leaking
> faster than before!!!
> "Razzin'-frazzin oil leak" doesn't fully express my feelings.
> The crankshaft front seal is definitely not leaking, nor is the oil pan
> gasket. The oil slick is visible only on the rear end of the block, although
> it's dripping off the transmission and area behind the motor. After much
> contortioning and peering, I see from below that the highest signs of
> leakage reach juuuuust about to the height of the rear seals on the
> camshafts.
> I don't think it's the rear main. Why? The car has a manual transmission,
> and most of the time when a rear main leak occurs, it makes the clutch slip.
> Also, there's more oil outside the bell housing than a rear main leak could
> account for - I think.
> I'm thinking that the offending seals are those at the back ends of the
> camshafts. However, BEFORE I start tackling that particular can of worms, I
> would welcome any thoughts about possible alternative sources of the leak,
> and any recommendations (do's/don'ts) about replacing the rear cam seals.
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