[V6-12v] Digital A/C problem.

Lt.Kubosh Lt.Kubosh at atlas.cz
Wed Dec 15 05:33:02 EST 2004

few weeks ago I had to replace the fan blower motor on my A/C on A100 1992.
During this operation I had to disconnect all cables and vacuum lines. I'm
expriencing strange problem. The A/C works perfectly except th recirculation
When I switch the recirc. button on, the recilculation flaps close (what is
correct), but it will stop heating.  Although on the display is 24C (for
ex.) there is cooler and cooler air comming from wents.
Please can anybody send me some diagram how the vacuum lines on the A/C
should be connected?
Any step-by-step diagnose is welcome too.

Thank you Martin

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