[V6-12v] 90 oil leak from hell

Brian O' briano_72 at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 21 18:50:33 EST 2004

been gone a while, and so has my car, had a bad oil leak, and i had no time to do it, so i was driving my little 80 while the 90 sat all summer to rot. about 3-4 weeks ago, i tore her down, did the valley pan gasket, was pretty oily in there, thought for sure it would cure my "when the car is sitting at a red light or after i park it it looks as if there is a fire under the hood oil leak" , but about 2 days after driving it again, i didnt touch the problem !! i cannot see anything actually leaking, its behind the passanger side head, but below the head, it gets teh bell houseing nice and wet with feash oil, then it runs right on top of the cat convertor !! anyone have any ideas ?? im gonna track down a boroscope in teh next few days to check on my valley pan work, but i do not think that its that. its almost like where the distributor would be on a small block chevy, please help before it catches fire, or wait, the insurance would cover that, right ?? hmm..........
                                                                                    brian o'
93 90q sport ( pisses oil outta somewhere )
93 100q ( wifes ride )
91 80 2wd 5 cyl 4 spd auto ( may be back in commision soon )

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