[V6-12v] New Wheels and tires combo

George Tur getur at optonline.net
Sat Feb 7 19:38:23 EST 2004

On Saturday 07 February 2004 12:12, Clive Young wrote:
> Hi Guys
> Project Audi  has hit the bricks for now ( litterally ) as my car is jacked
> up motionless for the winter. I looked a my 15" rims and "balloon tires"
> and wondered if you guys had any suggestions for improving looks.
> I am not sure of the size even when looking on the net , I have a 4 bolt
> pattern but some say 84mm some say 100mm, anyone know what this means ? or
> maybe even know what size a 95 90S would be ? I thought of going to a 16 
> or maybe even a 17" rim and would appreciate comments.
I've talked to some people who have put 17" rims on their cars and the opinion 
is that the ride is rougher. There is not as much impact absorption with the 
larger rims and lower profile tires, so a lot of the impact energy is 
transmitted through the chassis. As to handling no one was able to say that 
it improved with the lower profile tires, even though it seems all the car 
magazines and pundits state that it does. 

I've ridden in some A6s and V8s with 16" tires and their ride quality seemed 
to be on a par with the 15", or at least to my butt monitor..:-). If it was 
my choice I would probably look at a 16" rims, but I would want to try a ride 
in a car with 17" to get a feel as to the ride quality before I started 
spending money.

George Tur
91 V8 .. mine
95 A6 ... hers

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