[V6-12v] OBD1

James4ihl at aol.com James4ihl at aol.com
Mon Feb 9 07:07:38 EST 2004

Hi --

Need a little more info - when you say it 'falls asleep 10 seconds after 
coming to a full stop', do you mean that the car stalls when it's idling after 
you've pulled up at a junction, or similar, for about 10 seconds, or do you mean 
that the car stalls itself and then all power disappears after 10 seconds?

Are there any other symptoms, and does the car re-start?

You can pull the fault codes in one of two ways. Do you have VAG-COM or other 
similar code reader, or do you need to pull the codes 'manually' with a bulb? 
Secondly, what date is your A6? I'm surprised that an A6 is early enough to 
be OBD I, although I could be mistaken...

Is it manual, or automatic?


In a message dated 9/2/04 9:45:41 am, WP at mcleodrusseluk.com writes:

> I hope that someone could help.
> I'm looking to pull the codes (OBD1) but everything I try doesn't work!
> I may be doing something wrong! Is there an idiots guide :-)
> My uk A6 v6 Q engine keeps falling asleep about 10 seconds after coming to a
> full stop!
> Good job I'm not the same. Ive tried looking for vacuum leaks but found
> none!
> Anyone got any suggestions?
> Cheers

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