[V6-12v] OBD1

James4ihl at aol.com James4ihl at aol.com
Mon Feb 9 17:49:56 EST 2004

Warren --

If you don't have VAG-COM, or access to similar diagnostics, pulling the 
fault codes involves buggering around with a rigged bulb. It's frankly painful and 
the fault codes are difficult to count in rows of dots and pauses!

If I had to guess, from what you've described, I'd say you're most likely 
culprits are the Idle Stabilization Valve, or the Idle Switch, since the car 
seems to be having a problem idling, but otherwise drives OK.

I don't have my manual with me right now, but there are a couple of checks 
you can do manually on those components without diagnostic tools.

Remind me to mail you those procedures in the morning.

Hope this helps a little.


In a message dated 9/2/04 12:26:40 pm, WP at mcleodrusseluk.com writes:

> Hello James,
> The car actually stalls 10 seconds after ive stopped at the light. So I pull
> up and everything's fine, then 10 seconds later the revs drop to 0 then
> either picks up or stalls.
> Car re-starts straight away, no probs!
> I haven't got the VAG-com tool. Could do with getting it but I think that
> spending £200? for only a couple of uses is a bit high.
> What other ways are they? Bulb, oh the four flashy thing, um Have you
> anymore information prices etc?
> A6 is on a M reg 94-95 & manual. I think ill have a look at the engine code
> on the block if that will help?
> Cheers,
> Warren

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