[V6-12v] Hesitation

Tom Christiansen tomchr at ee.washington.edu
Thu Feb 12 13:23:52 EST 2004


>Regarding the hesitation problem I've asked about in previous posts:

Was this the one where you had trouble pulling out into traffic because you 
didn't know if the car would bother to make power available?

I don't know your particular model. I'm fairly familiar with the I-5's and 
the 93-95 V6. But I haven't heard of a 92 V6... Oh, well... I assume it 
works like the 93-95 M.Y. V6.

I would suspect the fuel pump. If that has already been replaced, try the 
fuel pump relay. I'm kinda guessing in the dark here... But if the contacts 
in the relay have too high resistance, it would make sense that the voltage 
across the fuel pump drops when it tries to draw more current (under 
heavier loads).

There's a charge-over valve by the throttle body which opens up the second 
(larger) butterfly valve. You might wanna verify that it works. There's a 
vacuum operated valve on the port side of the throttle body which should 
operate when engine rpm is increased above 4000 (even without load) 
according to Bentley.

Also make sure that the engine can breathe. No dead birds in the airfilter, 
please... But I assume you've already checked it...

BTW: What did you use for cleaning the MAF?


>I've cleaned the MAF sensor. It's made the running better in other respects,
>but hasn't cured the hesitation problem. I checked the vaccum system around
>the intake manifold for joins/kinks/leaks and didn't find anything 
>obvious. The
>car is booked in to the garage to have it's fuel delivery/tank checked 
>(but as
>I mentioned before, the problem pre-dates a new pump/filter which weren't
>blocked when removed, so I'm a little dubious the problem lies there).
>Any other ideas from anyone?
>FYI - 1992 UK model A80 V6 2.8L, Manual, No EGR, Manual CO adjustment via MAF
>sensor on this model (so no adaptation cycle on O2 sensors)...
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