[V6-12v] Hesitation

James4ihl at aol.com James4ihl at aol.com
Thu Feb 12 14:43:06 EST 2004

Muhammad --

Thanks for the suggestions. The spark plugs and fuel filter were changed at 
the last service interval, but had no effect on this problem. To date, the car 
has had two doses of injector cleaner run through (I usually do so every 
3000-6000 miles, depending on the formulation). However, I'm not familiar with the 
procedure you describe where you bypass the fuel lines, etc. Is it something 
you do yourself, or is it a garage job with specialist gear?


In a message dated 12/2/04 4:06:49 pm, m at 90683.com writes:

> James,
> In my experience, hesitation has been caused by either faulty spark plugs,
> an old fuel filter, or most frequently, clogged injectors.
> I've cured it by doing a motorvac fuel injector cleaning. Not sure if you
> have motorvacs in the UK, but basically it's a system that bypasses the fuel
> line and run the car on FI cleaner for 20-30 minutes. This "super shot" of
> FI cleaner does the trick for me.
> HTH,
> Muhammad

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