[V6-12v] licence plate lights

Clive Young cyoung1661 at rogers.com
Tue Feb 24 09:42:10 EST 2004

All this excellent discussion about timing belts and stuff and I forgot why I logged on .. anyway 

Can someone please tell me if the license plate lights for the rear only come on with the lights of the car ? or are they on all the time ? also they go on and off with the trunk in different positions. With the trunk up they are off, with the trunk down they are on. Also if I tighten the screws for the bulb covers the trunk light goes out. 

I think I am shorting it out with the screws so that is no big deal but I also thing I have a broken wire in the wiring harness to the assembly. It would make sense since this is a high stress cable with all the bending involved with the trunk opening and closing. 

Anyway could someone please let me know how it is suppose to work just for confirmation please.

Thanks as always guys 


Clive Young 
95 90S FWD 5SPD

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