[V6-12v] licence plate lights

James4ihl at aol.com James4ihl at aol.com
Wed Feb 25 06:56:12 EST 2004

Finally got supplied with the correct fuel pump relay by my, ahem, trusty 
Audi dealership. It hasn't made any difference to the hesitation, but the car 
starts and accelerates a little better, so it was worth a shot, and was probably 
due up for replacement anyway.

One thing I thought worthy of interest   is that the original part has been 
superceded by a slightly uprated relay, it's larger and the current handling 
has been uprated (original part 30/20 Amps, new part 40/30 Amps) so maybe they'd 
had problems with the older ones burning out or failing on this engine?

I'd like to hook the car up to VAG-COM, but first I need to buy it. Next step 
is booking into my trusty mechanic for a fuel system/pressure regulator 
pressure test, I think.

One reason for wanting to hook it up to VAG-COM though is that I've noticed 
that a non-Audi dealer has adjusted the CO setting at some point. Call me 
paranoid, but I now know that the dealer who sold me the car probably knew the cats 
were on the way out (they rattled and failed soon after the 3 month warranty 
period - go figure), and it's the same dealer who did the MOT emissions 
test... A guess: they tweaked the CO, which is directly influenced by lambda 
control, to lean it down to pass the test. Now, under choke, when the car is cold, or 
under accelleration when you first put down your foot, since the CO may be 
near to/ outside tolerance, the car is essentially "running out" of fuel. I'd 
need to hook it up and check the mean values of CO content/vs. lambda control to 
check and re-set this...

One other possibility: as mentioned before, the same (non-Audi) dealer 
replaced the timing belt. I'll eat my grandfather's hat if they had access to the 
special tools. If they got this slightly out (not enough to cause contact, mind 
you), could that cause driving/ hesitation problems?


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