[V6-12v] Front Rad Support

clive young cyoung1661 at rogers.com
Sun Feb 29 10:12:49 EST 2004

Hi Guys 

 I have finished putting the front of the car back together but have a couple of questions. If someone could check their car and let me know some info I would really appreciate it . 

1. Each headlight has a setup and I am not sure what mine was, if someone could check theres who has an audi 90 I would really appreciate it. each light has a left and right marker. If somone could just tell me how many "gridlines " towards the driver - or towards the front of the car each each marker should be I would really appreciate it. or if anyone has a digital camera - even better - 

2. When I pop the hood the centre "T" bracket holding the rad has a couple of mounting posts on it . If you look down the front of the T after popping the hood I have a piece of plastic with a nut holding it on. Mine is obviously broken but I don't know what it did or what it looked like. I think it somehow supports the front air dam but I am not sure how . again any info would be helpful.

Thanks as always 


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