[V6-12v] Front Rad Support

Tom Christiansen tomchr at ee.washington.edu
Sun Feb 29 15:09:15 EST 2004


> 1. Each headlight has a setup and I am not sure what mine was, if
> someone could check theres who has an audi 90 I would really
> appreciate it. each light has a left and right marker. If somone could
> just tell me how many "gridlines " towards the driver - or towards the
> front of the car each each marker should be I would really appreciate
> it. or if anyone has a digital camera - even better - 

That setting will be slightly different for different cars. The best is
to go to a shop with the right gear for adjusting the lights. It's a
10-minute job... Then you are sure the lights are set correctly so you
don't blind other drivers while still being able to see that pedestrian
down the road.

Short of using the professional equipment, use the 1% rule. The slope of
the light beam must be a 1% drop. The easiest way to figure this one out
is to park the car facing a wall on a level driveway or parking lot.
First you drive all the way up to the wall. Mark where the top of the
light beam hits the wall on the wall with chalk. Make a second mark 10
cm (4") below the first mark. Then back the car up 10 meters (32'10")
(measure with a tape measurer). Adjust the lights until the top of the
light beam just hits the lower second mark. If you can't make it work,
the bulb is probably either the wrong type for the headlight or
installed incorrectly. 


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