[V6-12v] thermostat replacement question

Peter subscriptions at globalape.com
Thu Jan 1 12:41:41 EST 2004

I just replaced my thermostat  last Monday.  You do not need to remove 
the timing belt but it is very tight squize.

here is what I did:

remove the cover from the engine, and the right side (passenger side) of 
the timing belt
loosen the tensioner for the regular belt
remove the regular belt
remove the tensioner for the regular belt
remove the shroud from under the engine
drain coolant (red plug on rad ->bottom left side, driver side)
the thermostat housing has 2 screws
you will need to wiggle the thermostat housing out from under the timing 
belt (it's hard)

At this point you will see the thermostat, you can just pull it out (my 
was actually broken into 2 separate pieces !)

to put things back together, just reverse the procedure

Side note: after you fill up the coolant you might need to bleed the 
ventilation system.  The bleeder valve in on a rubber house near the 
middle and top of the engine compartment.

good luck

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jra914 at excite.com wrote:

> Is it possible to replace the thermostat without removeing the timing belt on the 12v v6 cars? Going back through my records it looks like the water pump was replaced only about 20k miles ago and the symptoms my wife reported lead me to suspect that it's just a bad thermostat. thanks Jim Austin
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