[V6-12v] Bentley Problem

Tom Christiansen tomchr at ee.washington.edu
Wed Jan 14 14:16:03 EST 2004


> When I first bought the Bentley CD for my '95 90Q I immediately made a
> backup CD and installed the program on my PC (currently Windows 2000Pro).
> All along I have been using the original CD rather than the copy to run the
> program (my mistake). A while back I found that the program would no longer
> run from the original. Sure enough, the surface is scratched to the point
> that the failure is no surprise. Good thing I made a backup. I can run it
> from the backup, so no problem, right? Wrong!
> After a HD failure recently I tried to re-install Bentley on the new HD
> using the backup. It will not install and I can't I copy that CD with any of
> the hardware & software combinations I have available.

Well... First off: Don't treat your CD's like coasters. They don't
appreciate that.

If the CD cannot be read from a particular drive, you may try another CD
drive. The slower drive the better. You can also try cleaning the laser
(at YOUR OWN RISK) in the CD drive with a cotton swab. Gently wipe the
lens with the swab and try the CD again. You may need to disassemble the
drive for this. If you don't feel comfortable taking the CD drive apart,
you can try one of the many cleaning CD's available. 

Try washing the CD in lukewarm water with dish soap. Dry it gently with
a soft, clean towel. Make sure it's completely dry before you stick it
in the drive again... If that doesn't do the trick, you can try one of
the many disk repair fluids available.

Once you get it to work, install it in such a way that you can access
the complete manual from the hard drive. It's one of the options in the
install. I did that and haven't needed the CD since I installed. 


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