[V6-12v] Temp. gage reading low, trouble code 2312

Jon Spensko spensko at cox-internet.com
Wed Jan 14 17:19:48 EST 2004

That sounds like a T-Stat for sure!  My 1992 100S ran so much better after I
fixed it, at least yours is stuck open!
You can find those most anywhere and there are strands on the Audifans site
telling how to do it without removing the timing belt too!
Two favorite sources of mine,

I have had both OEM and AUDI stats, they perform the same, they die the
Jon Spensko
1992 100S
1988 5000CSQT Avant

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Subject: [V6-12v] Temp. gage reading low, trouble code 2312

> Folks,
> The temp gage in my 1994 90S reads very low. On short drives (<15 min)
> in the current 45-50 degree (F) weather the needle on the gage barely
> makes it up to the minimum mark. >

> I changed the ECT sensor. >

> Any suggestions on how to drive this gremlin away? Is this an obvious
> case of stuck open thermostat? Or is it more likely to be an electrical
> issue?
> If it turns out to be a thermostat issue, I suppose I'll need a new
> thermostat and an o-ring (+ coolant). Are these dealer-only items or
> should I shop around a bit? Any advantage/disadvantage of a non-OEM
> thermostat?
> Thanks,

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