[V6-12v] Tappet and see... ha ha ha

Elliott Potter mailinglist at eep.burdell.org
Wed Jul 21 16:53:13 EDT 2004

On Wed, 21 Jul 2004 Jamescarstuff at aol.com wrote:

> Well, yeah, I know it's not funny. But neither is a noisy tappet!
> Yep, despite trying every proprietary flush and 'Cure Noisy Tappets!' product
> out there, I'm going to have to bow to the inevitable and get my hydraulic
> lifters replaced. Bummer.
> Anyone done this one? I know the procedure in theory from the manual, but is
> it wise do attempt if you haven't done it before, or should I suck it up and
> pay my (good and reasonably priced) mechanic to do it?

Replacing the lifters isn't hard at all.  You're just 6 screws (valve
cover gasket) and 8 nuts (camshaft bearings) once you've got the timing
belt off.  Per side, I guess.

> Also, since I believe I have a slight seepage out of oil out of the head
> gasket, is this worth doing while   you're doing lifters - I'm thinking you have
> to take off the timing belt and cams anyway, but is it worth taking off the
> intake manifold (i.e. most of the damn engine on this car) when I'm showing no
> other signs of a blown head gasket other than what looks to be a little seepage
> and an occasional whiff of oil?

That's a judgement call.  The gasket probably isn't doing anything but
leak a little oil, so if you can live with that, leave it alone.
Replacing the head gaskets isn't a minor job, but it shouldn't take more
than a long afternoon.

http://www.12v.org/maintenance/repairs/headgasket.php ... the procedure
also has a couple of notes on replacing the lifters.

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