[V6-12v] brake wear warning disable

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Fri Jul 23 12:53:31 EDT 2004

First of all, did you check your pads to ensure that they are still 
within servicable limits?
If not, do that first.

=-= Marc Glasgow
On Friday, July 23, 2004, at 12:32  PM, Kent McLean wrote:

> I'm about to take my 4-week old '94 100 S on a 2000 mile
> round trip from NH to SC. The brake pad wear indicator light
> is glowing. For the trip, I've taped over the warning light
> with some nice black electrical tape.  :-)
> I understand you can jump the connectors to disable it, but
> ... how?
> I've disconnected the wiring (1/2" thick connector, held in
> place with a push clip), to expose a 3 hole plug (female on
> the car side, male on the brake side). [1] A finger inside
> the male side and I feel 2 pins. I've pushed a paper clip
> into the corresponding female sockets. I did this to both
> left and right front brakes.  The warning light still glows.
> Q1. Do I have the right procedure?
> Q2. Are there sensors on the rear brakes?
> [1] As I think about it, this wouldn't be the ABS wiring,
> would it? I don't think my low-content Audi has ABS.
> Thanks,
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> Kent McLean
> '94 Audi 100 S Avant, V6-12v FWD automatic
> '89 Audi 200 TQ, "Bad Puppy"
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