[V6-12v] Oil Light

Nathan Widmyer lighthousej at gmail.com
Tue Jul 27 15:02:21 EDT 2004

No, same oil, 10W30.  I drove it today and upon cold start, if I kept
the car in "take it easy" mode the oil light didn't come on.  When I
changed into "bat out of hell" mode, it came on.  Since it only comes
on when the oil is (relatively) cold (i.e. more viscous in the
10-weight range) and when I'm in "bat out of hell" mode, maybe it is
the filter.  The filter might not be good at handling thick oil. 
Also, I used to get a couple flashes before I changed the oil on
startup, but since I changed, it's been flashing much more frequently.
 Something regarding the oil or filter I put in made the oil pressure
drop on startup.

On Tue, 27 Jul 2004 12:54:07 -0400, Clive Young <cyoung1661 at rogers.com> wrote:
> I am assuming you don't have an oil presure indicator in the car. That would
> be just to easy !. I have guages and my oil light does not flash on startup.
> I am not sure if this is normal or not. You have a couple of possibilities.
> The first is a faulty oil filter that is restricting oil flow. I have
> actually had this , and it is not as uncommon as you would think. Secondly
> you have a marginal pressure sensor and the new oil can not develope enough
> pressure to trigger the sensor "off" . Did you go to a thinner oil by chance
> ? Of course it could be the oil pump but is unlikely .
>  I would go for the filter and sensor first .
> Good Luck .
> Clive
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> > My dad and I went to change my oil the other day.  Like last time,
> > this time it took nothing short of a herculean effort to get it loose.
> >  I thought the oil pan was going to fall off.  Well, the oil drain
> > plug came off and the oil was changed and replaced the oil drain plug
> > (mutilated beyond the point that a proper-sized wrench cannot fit it).
> >  I went to go somewhere today and the Oil light started flashing for
> > about a half of a mile.  I pulled over and looked underneath and saw
> > no oil dripping from anywhere, the oil drain plug didn't back out.  I
> > started it back up and the oil light didn't come on once.  Now, before
> > the oil was changed, I could start the car and the oil light would
> > flash maybe 4 or 5 times then stay off and I thought that was because
> > I put too much oil in and it made a censor go haywire.  I'll look at
> > the place my car is parked and see if any oil is on the ground
> > tomorrow when it's light but I don't expect any.  If I get this much
> > trouble changing oil, I'd save much trouble and just get a Fumoto
> > valve.  What did I do wrong here?  (sorry if this isn't in an easily
> > readable format)  Thanks, Nate.
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