[V6-12v] Hesitation at first start

Jon Spensko spensko at cox-internet.com
Tue Jul 27 15:21:15 EDT 2004

My 1992 100S V6 Automatic had the same problem a couple of times.  Each was
a different remedy.  o2 sensors, vacuums leaks, low octane fuel, fuel
filter, dirt MAF sensor, bad seal at plennum to intake manifold (AKA: donut
seal) bad breather lines at back of heads that attach to plennum and just
recently was the Gas Tank Cap!  I notice a gas smell and a hissing at the
filler spout after driving the car on a hot day.  Replaced the old cap and
presto, new car!
Happy hunting!  But worth it, each one found will noticeable improve
performance and gas mileage!
Jon Spensko ><))>
1992 100S - 235K
1988 5000CSQT Avant - 135K

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> Folks,
> Sometimes my 1994 90S shows an interesting type of hesitation. It happens
> every now and then. I start the car, and start driving. On the very first
> acceleration (away from the curb) the engine hesitates for a second or so.
> After that it's fine. It only happens on that very first start and that's
> The cats are pretty old and I'm suspecting that they might have started to
> plug up. Does this diagnosis match the symptom described above?
> Tom
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