[V6-12v] Hesitation at first start

Tom Christiansen tomchr at ee.washington.edu
Tue Jul 27 15:29:04 EDT 2004


That limits quite a few options already. I've done:
- Vacuum lines
- Fuel filter
- Doughnut seal
- MAF sensor

The car drives fine and I'm quite confident that I've chased all the vacuum 
leaks out (if there were any to begin with). The gas tank cap was recently 
tested by DOT as part of the WA state emissions test. I run the highest 
octane fuel available.

The cat have rattled and the car drives kinda sorta like my old car did 
before I replaced the cat on it. So I'm leaning towards replacing cat + o2 


At 12:24 PM 7/27/2004, Jon Spensko wrote:
>My 1992 100S V6 Automatic had the same problem a couple of times.  Each was
>a different remedy.  o2 sensors, vacuums leaks, low octane fuel, fuel
>filter, dirt MAF sensor, bad seal at plennum to intake manifold (AKA: donut
>seal) bad breather lines at back of heads that attach to plennum and just
>recently was the Gas Tank Cap!  I notice a gas smell and a hissing at the
>filler spout after driving the car on a hot day.  Replaced the old cap and
>presto, new car!
>Happy hunting!  But worth it, each one found will noticeable improve
>performance and gas mileage!
>Jon Spensko ><))>
>1992 100S - 235K
>1988 5000CSQT Avant - 135K
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> > Folks,
> >
> > Sometimes my 1994 90S shows an interesting type of hesitation. It happens
> > every now and then. I start the car, and start driving. On the very first
> > acceleration (away from the curb) the engine hesitates for a second or so.
> > After that it's fine. It only happens on that very first start and that's
> >
> > The cats are pretty old and I'm suspecting that they might have started to
> > plug up. Does this diagnosis match the symptom described above?
> >
> > Tom
> >
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