[V6-12v] Oil Light

Elliott Potter mailinglist at eep.burdell.org
Sat Jul 31 18:13:28 EDT 2004

On Tue, 27 Jul 2004, Nathan Widmyer wrote:

> My dad and I went to change my oil the other day.  Like last time,
> this time it took nothing short of a herculean effort to get it loose.
>  I thought the oil pan was going to fall off.  Well, the oil drain
> plug came off and the oil was changed and replaced the oil drain plug
> (mutilated beyond the point that a proper-sized wrench cannot fit it).
>  I went to go somewhere today and the Oil light started flashing for
> about a half of a mile.  I pulled over and looked underneath and saw
> no oil dripping from anywhere, the oil drain plug didn't back out.  I
> started it back up and the oil light didn't come on once.  Now, before
> the oil was changed, I could start the car and the oil light would
> flash maybe 4 or 5 times then stay off and I thought that was because
> I put too much oil in and it made a censor go haywire.  I'll look at
> the place my car is parked and see if any oil is on the ground
> tomorrow when it's light but I don't expect any.  If I get this much
> trouble changing oil, I'd save much trouble and just get a Fumoto
> valve.  What did I do wrong here?  (sorry if this isn't in an easily
> readable format)  Thanks, Nate.

You'll have better luck getting the plug out if you replace the copper
crush washer (sometimes you'll get an aluminum one) every time you pull
the plug out (remember ... the plug is steel and the oil pan is aluminum
so it's going to get good and tight between changes).  Also don't torque
it too much!

As for your oil light issue, you may have a failing oil pump; definitely
keep an eye on that.  Do you hear loud valve noise when you start the

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