[V6-12v] Tranny problems :(

Greville Bowles zaphod at cansafe.com
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If you are anywhere near Buffalo, NY ... there is a guy (Dan) there who
advertised a '93 90 Q parts car for a great price. Check the Marketplace
listings. I'd love to get that car myself, but the issues of importing into
Canada (plus the fact that I'm dead broke) make it unworkable. His e-mail is
hack7340 at fredonia.edu

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Repost from AW:

Well, the tranny has been pulled from my 90 for a clutch job that was to
replace what was thought to have been a noisy throw out bearing. According
to the mechanic the problem is internal to the tranny and it would be
cheaper to just replace the tranny from a donor. Given that this particular
car is rare ('95 90 Quattro 5 spd) my chances of finding a donor in a junk
yard local to me are very slim. What I'm wondering is if all 5spd 12v's
including 100's and A4's share the same transmission and if not, are they
interchangeable with my drive train?

Can anyone provide any links/numbers to places were I might find a donor?

Anyone know?
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