[V6-12v] C4 100 new owner questions

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"The car hesitates on acceleration."
This could be:
Fuel Filter
Put some good quality injection cleaner in the gas
Run premium gas
Vacuum leak, check all lines especially the brake vacuum booster line.
Intake plennum seal, AKA: Le Doughnut
Dirty MAF sensor
(Start with those)

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> My new-to-me '94 100S Avant (FWD auto) is not without
> its problems.
> - The car hesitates on acceleration. Sometimes it's just a
>    subtle stutter. Other times a full fledged "I don't want
>    to go".  I need to pull the codes, if it's possible like
>    it is on the Type 44 200.
> - There's a slight shimmy from the steering. I presume out
>    of balance or out of round wheels and tires. The wheels
>    look like they've hit a few curbs (kerbs).
> - When I first shut the car off, I couldn't get the key
>    out of the ignition. The owner's manual provided a clue.
>    The car has to be in Park to remove the key. On my car,
>    it seems the parking interlock is a bit out of adjustment.
>    Fiddling with the shift lever trips some switch so I can
>    remove the key. Is there and adjustment to be made? Or a
>    switch to be replaced?
> I'll have more questions as I put on the miles.
> Regards,
> Kent McLean
> '89 200 TQ, "Bad Puppy"
> '94 100S Avant, (name to be determined)
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