[V6-12v] C4 100 new owner questions

Joe - Audi audi at olderie.com
Thu Jun 24 16:32:25 EDT 2004

The US octane rating is (RON+MON)/2 and is called CLC.


According to some VW manuals, the CLC rating is usually about 4 points
below the RON rating.


So...  95 RON is 91 CLC, and 98 RON is 94 CLC (approximately).

I run 93 CLC in my '94 100 S and get about 21-22 mpg in light city
driving.  I'm sure I can do better but still have some gremlins that I
haven't kicked out of the engine bay yet...


James4ihl at aol.com said:
> I don't know much about petrol (gasoline?) in the US - but over here the
> minimum octane rating for that engine is 95 roz/ron. The recommended, and
> what I
> always put in, is 98 roz/ron... so 93 could be a problem, potentially,
> unless
> they radically changed the timing on the US model. if they didn't it
> would, at
> the very least, switch over to the second timing map, which retards the
> ignition by a few degrees...

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