[V6-12v] High Mileage 100S

James4ihl at aol.com James4ihl at aol.com
Tue Jun 29 06:21:46 EDT 2004

Sounds like you get the same kind of satisfaction from your audi as I do - 
except I don't have a porsche to drive as well - maybe when I sell that 
Hollywood screenplay :)

I'd still chalk that 'poor' mpg down to the fact that you're only doing very 
short trips. 12 miles or so is barely enough for the car to come out of the 
warm up phase, when the fuel is enriched and economy is by definition poor. 
That's a big old engine to warm up, you know!

Good to hear you'll be around on the list for a long while, though!

On a separate note, I've been struggling with too much junk email and am 
therefore starting the process of diverting 'real' email (i.e. email that I 
actually WANT) to different mailboxes - I've set one screen-name up just for this 
car list, cuz I get quite a bit of mail from you guys (and gals? anyone ever 
seen a woman on the list? shame really...) anyway, if you could update your 
address books with the new screenname, that'd be great - it's 
jamescarstuff at aol.com. Original, eh? Please could someone also send me the link from the audifans 
site where   youupdate your mailing list preferences? I only read the email now 
and haven't visited the site in ages and I've lost the book mark...


In a message dated 29/6/04 3:23:39 am, JGriff at JGriff.com writes:

> Well... my commute has changed quite a bit... since we moved to PA over a
> year ago, it is now only 12 miles one way to work. So, mostly I only put on
> 125 miles a week... since I don't drive the car much on the weekend. (We
> use the family mobile... the Honda Odyssey... on the weekends... since we
> have three little boys... 4, 2, and 6 months!!).
> And then... when the weather is good, I drive the Porsche to work... so I
> guess I could say my Audi is in semi-retirement... or at least, it has been
> taking a break from the action every now and then!!
> I get the same mileage roughly... high-teens or low 20s. It's been like
> that for a while.... even with new O2 sensors, clean filter, synthetic oil
> etc. I chalk it up to old age. Nonetheless, the car is paid for... and has
> been for 5 years... so it has definitely paid for itself and then some!!
> Therefore, I don't mind spending a little bit to keep it running, including
> the lower mpg. I figure it this way, even if I bought a newer Audi (i.e. I
> will most likely end up buying a used Avant... two or three years old) and
> it got slightly better mpg, it would take a long time (mpg-wise) to
> incrementally save the $$ I would have spent for the new one.
> End result... my Audi still puts a smile on my face when I get in and drive
> it, and I love the fact that it still looks great inside and out after all
> these years and miles. And all that is even better knowing that it saves me
> money each month, not having a car payment!!  Sure... it would be nice to
> have something newer... but I just can't seem to give this one up yet...
> for so many sentimental and financial reasons.
> I guess that means if all goes well, I'll be part of this list for many
> years and miles to come!! :-)
> Jim

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